Able to play DVD movies, not TV shows

I was able to get IMDB information and coverart imported for my 100 ripped movies. They show up AND play in the Movie area of Sapphire. I’ve read here that you cant play dvd’s there. That’s wrong, they play just fine.

So I have the entire series of The Soprano’s and ripped them to the same USB Drive. Then I used handbrake to break up the episodes into individual mp4 files. I made sure to name them with the proper Sapphire naming convention: The SopranosS001.E001.m4v
Sapphire see’s this as a movie, and not a tv show. I can’t seem to get it to pull the tv data and put it into the tv area. Any ideas here?

Nevermind, I fixed it myself. The files have to be named perfectly. Cover art doesnt show, but I read in another thread that its a known problem.