Ability to sort movies within a Collection

Couple of things I’m seeing using Infuse:

  • If you allow Infuse to integrate the Collections made by TMDB, you cannot rearrange the order of the movies - any way this can be implemented?
  • If you create a collection (mainly because of TMDB rules), you can rearrange the order of the movies, but is there a way to automatically order the movies within the collection by release year? Case in point: If you have many Disney theatrical shorts, keeping them in a collection is ideal. BUT of course TMDB won’t allow that. Creating a collection within Infuse and throwing them in there is fine but it appears they are just jumbled in there as they were added. Rearranging them manually by year becomes quite tedious.

Thanks for any info anyone can provide.


TMDB orders collected titles by release date. Infuse does not allow users to change that order.


Best workaround to date is creating the custom collection from library titles sorted by release date, and adding titles to the collection sequentially backwards, from most-recently released to earliest released.

Yeah, still tedious.

What we still sorely need to make Infuse’s custom collections feature feature-complete is the ability to set custom sort orders and the ability to set custom collection poster art (as the auto-generated 2x2 poster grid images are “meh” at best and absolutely horrid, most of the time).

Thanks for the response. Plex and Emby will allow collections pulled from TMDB to be rearranged by drilling down into the metadata info and filling in the “Sort” block. For example, rearranging Star Wars movies can be done just by plugging something in there like “star 01”, “star 02” for each movie and BAM…sorted the way YOU want them. Also, even if you create your own custom collection, Emby and Plex will sort the entries by release year. Have no idea why Infuse doesn’t do this automatically.

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Infuse supports metadata override via .nfo, but does not support the <sorttitle> tag which would alleviate so many of my concerns.

There are several threads in the suggestions forum regarding the addition of more robust sorting abilities (such as the ability to set custom sorts for each different major category of media and for different individual shared folders). Apart from giving them all our likes we can’t do much more but hope Firecore finally decides to give us the power.

Agreed and here’s for hoping! One thing that Infuse has going for it is that folks like James actually listens and repsonds to the customer. Emby is fairly good. But Plex…absolutely terrible.

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Here’s another question for you… If / when you add more movies to Infuse or it rescans for changes, have you seen movies that you have put into a custom collection jump out of said collection??

Only if I moved or renamed the file. But in that case the link (the movie entry) is typically unaffected - it just stops working.

Could you add the option when creating collections to organize the files by title or filename? And it would be great if you could turn a folder or a group of files into a series.

I moved your post to a currently running thread for this suggestion.

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i use collections like i would use tags :label: and so automatic sorting would be a life saver so i don’t have to manually move items around after i add them to any given collection

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