Ability to select Primary Share for device

It would be great to be able to choose a primary source for the library on devices (where duplicate files exist.

Use Case: I watch most shows on my Apple TV through a share. I sync watch progress through iCloud, and I have a USB drive that houses most of the files I watch for lunch viewing at work or vacations. However, when I try to use the library screen, it always wants to pull from the network share instead of the USB, even though the network share isn’t present (and the video was last watched from the USB). It would be great to be able to set the USB as the primary device for the iPad and be able to use the library screen on all my devices, as opposed to going through the files section.

If you add both shares to both devices; then the duplicates will both show up in the library (annoying), but they will share watched status as one combined title. You can start watching the USB version at work, and then come home and pick up where you left off on the server version at home.

In the library, you can differentiate between the versions on the two shares by the file name listed on each item’s details page…

… or alternatively, by adding custom artwork and/or titles (or title suffixes) via placement of local .jpg and/or .nfo files.