Ability to reduce bitrate (quality) when streaming from cloud

Slower connections mean a lot of buffering. Limited data quotas mean 4K HDR files will consume all your plan.

My files on google drive already lower their quality when streaming but are full 4K HDR when downloaded. Please add an option to lower data use/faster streaming for when the connection is slow or using mobile data. Thanks

Wouldn’t that require transcoding at the server? Unless I’m mistaken, Infuse can’t send itself out into the internet to re-encode your remote files for you.


As FLskydiver said, the file would still have to be downloaded in order to transcode it so you’re going to have to look at other options.

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I really have no idea how transcoding works but I guess I get what you mean. So google drive is able to do that because the files are present on their servers and not being streamed to them. Infuse on the other hand is only pulling the video as it is.

But if that’s the case, then how can plex control the quality of files not available locally for it?

Plex server does the transcoding. Any transcoding requires a server.

Well then why can’t google drives transcoding be carried over to my streaming on infuse? I don’t use plex but I’ve seen others say it works on infuse. Another thing to notice is that Emby, also which I don’t use, seems to not be able to transcode when streaming to infuse.

I’m not well versed in this whole thing so I might be saying a lot of none sense, sorry if that’s the case.

Infuse doesn’t support any form of server side transcoding. It’s listed as a suggestion but I wouldn’t hold your breathe on it being released anytime soon.

Check this link device driver - is it possible to convert videos in Drive to other lower size video formats online and download? - Stack Overflow

You can manually create multiple versions of a single file. You could try this; manually select a lower quality version to stream.

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Thank you for the suggestion

I have just tried Kodi and it does give you the option to choose the bitrate since google drive already creates different qualities for the files you upload. Transcoding is not even needed since google drive handles it.

Is it possible to get something like this on infuse?