Ability to play media from RAR format?

I can’t find a search and all other searching revealed nothing so I am asking, how can I get Infuse to play a video from a series of rar files without having to unzip and decompress them? I have yet to figure this out, my old boxee did this and it was great!


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That’s a very specific feature in a media player, and not many of them can do this out of the box. I would be surprised if Infuse could. You should request it as a feature…

I think it is totally unnecessary to have such a feature ever dealt with anyone. Packed movie will have 4 gigabytes - after unpacking + - 4 gigabytes Do not you have PC WinRar? Or something similar?
For the moment, users will ask for smooth playback of FullHD video while downloading directly from the Internet via a modem download speeds at 4.2 kB / s

While demanding Dolby Atmos 7.1 passthrough. :smiley:

Jesus, no need to start a flame fest, it was a simple question.

The fact that my 7 year old Boxee Box did it, I figured it wasn’t a huge thing to have that available. Apparently it isn’t.

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I also come from the Boxee Box world and that was one of the selling points for me back then.

I need to maintain my media in .rar to seed it to other people. And this is a feature that I’ve been waiting for decades.