Ability to Muallly Mark Files as Movie or TV Series

Please consider including a manual toggle to mark a file or files in a particular folder as a movie or TV series.

For instance, the naming convention of TV series and anime do not go with the format of SXXEXX. Hence, it would be useful if Infuse were able to allow manual marking of such files as TV series to facilitate metadata matching.

Thank you.

Do you have the names of some TV series that doesn’t follow that? Also, which anime?

For Asian TV series, which typically are not seasonal, the naming convention is simply episodic, e.g. for Mandarin serials, it is simply 第01集 (meaning episode 1); 第02集 (meaning episode 2) and so on. This is the same for Japanese anime, where the naming convention is typically 第01話 (meaning chapter 1); 第02話 (meaning chapter 2) and so on. Hope this clarifies. Also, thank you for looking into this. Much appreciated.

Can you find them on thetvdb.com? That will show you how they are expecting the season and episode numbers.

Edit to add, sometimes series that don’t have seasons replace the season number with the year.

I understand what you are getting at — in that this is the way that thetvdb has been set up. Thanks for your clarification.