Ability to Mass do some actions

Sometimes there is a need to mass do some specific actions, and some magic ability to do it for the whole folder instead of individual files would speed up the process.

Best examples would be:

  • Mass mark whole folder as watched/unwatched. One use case would be to rewatch a show that I have watched before, so I mark all episodes by hand as unwatched. It is less of a pain with 13 episodes, but even 26 becomes a bother :frowning:
  • Mass refresh episode data from metadata. I get that fancy auto-detect is good when you add an episode or movie to the Infuse file, and it shows with proper image, but often random show episode will take movie metadata, and that need to be fixed. Or, when I manually change metadata on all the files, I need to refresh it by hand on each file in the folder. It would help to have this action did per folder and not just file.

No need for fancy rules or anything. For example, if you want to reset watched status, you will set all to watched/unwatched regardless of before.

If you long press on the season folder you have the option to mark that season either watched or unwatched. It’s a toggle.

Can you provide a sample file name of one that you have encountered this on? As long as you follow the user guide for naming files this should rarely if ever occur.

Usually when you do use the edit metadata function on one episode in a season and re-select the correct show Infuse will refresh all episodes.

Not sure, if there is a difference between Show and Season folders, but when I long-press select (under trackpad) button on the show folder all I get is:

  • Use local metadata - so far my experience is, that it does nothing really
  • Cancel

As for season folders - I had them before, but not anymore, and attaching features to specific folder structures is a horrible design decision.

As for naming auto-detection
“The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt R1 Ep 4 - It Takes Two to Tango (JP).mp4”
Was detected as some random movie

As long as you do not have any other folders within the series folder (only individual episodes) long pressing on the series folder will give you the option to mark all as watched or unwatched.

Having season folders really does help keep things organized also.

Try using the recommended naming structure for TV shows like
“The Genius Princes Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt S01E04 - It Takes Two to Tango JP.mp4” and avoiding punctuation like apostrophes.

Having the S01E04 for each makes it far more accurate on fetching the correct metadata and less having to go back and correct things.

While it is still a horrible design decision, it is not working that way since the example I showed before was to a folder with files and no sub folders.

Another horrible design decision. Meaning - if you do not name your file in our way, we will fetch you metadata for random content; you are welcome.

At least you could not fetch it at all if the naming pattern is wrong, not just random things.

Coud you show a screen cap of that folder expanded? I just tried it on several folders with only files in it and all gave the option to change watch status.

As to the file naming have you read through the users guide on this? It may help since Infuse uses an API to gather metadata it has to have a standard format for file names to be able to fetch the info.

The first option under TV shows (S01E01)has given me the most reliable and consistantly correct metadata without me having to do corrections.

From ATV while holding down selection button (under trackpad)

You can also see, that out of the 6 episodes, 2 got random metadata.

So, can I disable this autodetect completely, since it do what ever it wants if file name is not perfect?

I recommend you get yourself a batch-renaming program (one that handles regular expressions so you can do things quickly) and rename your files the standard way. It’s a pain, but it will only be a one-time one.

Hoping they’ll change the software to correctly identify improperly formatted filenames is a dead end. All that can possibly do is result in a higher frequency of identification errors for files that ARE named properly. They won’t do it … and they shouldn’t.

You can use your own local metadata (.nfo, .jpg) files to override some of the things Infuse displays for Movies, but not for TV shows.

When something doesn’t work, first step is to figure out what TMDB calls your movie or show, and change the file names to that. Check your spelling.

For movies, pay special attention to the year (TMDB occasionally uses different years from other databases you might have used before, such as TVDB, or that the file you might have downloaded is named as).

For TV series, make sure you are using one of the recommended standardized file naming schemes. I too preferred not to use subfolders for individual TV seasons — and while this isn’t necessary for shows to be identified as long as you properly name the files, it is limiting. Infuse doesn’t seem to recognize local TV artwork apart from “fanart.jpg” and “folder.jpg” (and “[episode title]-thumb.jpg”) — which means if you want custom artwork for each season, you need to put each season in its own folder and include a folder.jpg. Infuse isn’t recognizing “poster.jpg” or “season01-poster.jpg” and “season02-poster.jpg” in the main series folder for me … maybe if you use Plex or Emby, but I don’t so wouldn’t know.


The main thing here is deciding if you like Infuse well enough to commit to making your stuff work with it. I figured I did so I adapted. The up side is nothing you do will hurt you if you decide to use something else later. Infuse uses standards that everything else will also recognize without needing to revert a thing.

I am using my Folder.jpg, Fanart.jpg, Favorite.jpg, Banner.jpg and Favorite-atv.jpg, and all my metadata is inside the actual video file.

All I want is that Infuse does not do any IMDB or other place checks. Just read what is in the file, if found something - good, if not, then still good. Do not try to help when it is not needed at all.

My problem is not “Infuse can’t figure out from my file name what it is”. My problem is “Infuse doing what I don’t need, and I need to disable that functionality completely.”

If I want a folder image, I will provide it. If I want a description, I will provide it. All I want is that Infuse stops doing that for me!!!

Then turn off metadata fetching and turn on embedded metadata.