Ability to load immediately to main Favorite screen>

Hi everyone/support,

Loving Infuse 4 Pro on AT4 - it’s all I use to stream our local content. Works 100% every time, and has been flawless, so thank you to every single person involved in bringing this app to life!

Could be a silly question, but having called my main movies folder “Movies”, and set this to load when opening the Infuse app.

Is it possible to load straight to the sub-folders (with poster artwork I’ve set) and bypass the “Movies” main folder, as such?

Kind of how when you load the default Movies app (Apple’s Movies) it goes straight to the selection of movies, etc?

If not, no stress, just wanted to check!

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Add the subfolders as favorites instead of the main movies folder. That’s what I have done as I prefer my own categories.

Thanks for the suggestion.

A hack to get this to work (for now) is to navigate inside the favorite/folder you wish to auto-load, and exit Infuse by holding menu instead of just tapping. When you resume Infuse, it will jump back into the folder you were last in.

Not perfect, but it does work. :slight_smile: