Ability to cast/fling content to other Infuse apps inc Apple TV

It would be amazing if it was possible to “fling” content to other Infuse apps - like the Plex app can do with “Advertise as Player / Remote Control” and the third party application SyncLounge.

Would would make this a stand out feature that no other app has is the ability to create a group of multiple Infuse end points and fling to the group.

A working example of this would be:

  • An iPhone in the front of the car
  • Two iPads for kids in the back of the car
  • Wifi hotspot in the car with Plex server (like the WD MyPassport Pro)
  • Open Infuse on all of the IOS devices and create a group called iPads
  • Start streaming some content from the iPhone to the group iPads, both screens have the same content playing in sync

Cheers, Andy