A4k latest version

What are the technical differences between infuse running on appletv 4k first version vs latest version?

The latest generation of Apple TV 4K has support for HDR10+, HLG.
A more powerful processor. On the A15 chip, the media player works faster by itself.
I own both generations, and 1 and 3. It is more convenient to manage the 3rd generation.

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All this is true. but also you get the larger grey remote which is so much easier to use, I also have two 1st Gen and one 3rd Gen and the original black remote isn’t great, if the ATV generally wasnt so good it would be more of a problem.

The latest ATV4K also doesn’t have a fan so you may need to take that into consideration if you have to place it in an enclosed cabinet.

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The other ones had fans? :flushed:

Wow I didn’t know that!

Yup, not a monster fan but enough to keep it pretty cool.

Latest version seems to be slightly less compatible with Dolby Vision files than 2nd gen, at least. Not sure about 1st.

Ahh yeah through the vented bottom, just took a look at a tear down, never heard the thing!

I guess if iPhone dont need fans they will probably be ok in most conditions.

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