A way to override movie title metadata?

Is there a way to override movie title metadata? Annoyingly, the way the database organizes certain titles (Star Wars being the best example) follows no convention. The newer movies have a suffix “Episode X” whereas the original Star Wars (Episode IV) is simple labeled “Star Wars,” which technically puts it out of order (first) in the main tile view. Empire (Episode V) does have the suffix so it’s placed in numerical order. And frustratingly, Episode VI (Return of the Jedi) doesn’t even have the “Star Wars” prefix on it and is simply titled “Return of the Jedi” placing it completely out of the Star Wars movie block tiles.

I know I can create a custom XML but I assume then I would have to replicate all the additional movie information that IS correct (description, actors, credits, etc) when really, I just want the movie title to be corrected.


In my opinion Infuse is one of the better programs to scrape media information - but it is not perfect.
Having different media players over the years and being familiar with the problems you outline, I made the decision to use a dedicated media scraper which will make the XML-files once and for all.
I use: https://mediacompanion.codeplex.com/ and the output is perfectly in sync with Infuse :slight_smile:

Is there a mac version of this program?

Sorry, I am only at Windows. Maybe this will work?

Probably the easiest way to address this is change the Sort Order from Title to Filename. This way, you can adjust your filenames so the videos are sorted how you want, but fetched titles will still be the ones visible while browsing in Infuse.

For example, the Fast and Furious series title names are all over the place (The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, etc…). I personally name them Fast and Furious 1, Fast and Furious 2, Fast and Furious 3, etc… set Infuse to sort by filename and everything works great.

It’s pretty much perfect with every other movie in my collection. Odd though that the database would mess up the Star Wars trilogy…of all movies.

Thanks for the tip! Will this mess up the otherwise perfect alphabetical ordering I have with the rest of my movie collection?

It’s hard to say not knowing what’s in your collection, but it’s easy to switch back and forth, so it might be worth a try.

Eh, it kind of messed things up. Any other suggestions?

Where does Firecore pull the metadata information again?

We use TMDb for movies, and TheTVDb for TV shows.

Had a old windows machine laying around in the closet, and this program works like a charm. Only thing I still can’t figure out though is. How to get collections to show a poster or album art? For example, I have friday the 13th, terminator, back to the future, and about 85 other folders that contain collections, what is the trick to get them folders to show a poster or album art? Or is this not possible? Oh, I noticed it puts fan art with some of the movies. All I want is actors, jonrah, plot, and year. What options do I leave unchecked so fan art doesn’t show up? Thanks again for the suggestion!

If you already have the movies indexed, but not "collected. Search for “Back to the”, select ALL the movies, right click and choose the “Find collection” thing. That should connect the movies. When you scrape the movies you have the option “Movie Collection” as well. That will create the “Collection” poster inside each of the movie.

For this very specific problem, set lauguage to dutch/netherlands and update the Return of the Jedi title. :slight_smile:

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Maybe the real issue isn’t with Infuse at all. I’m assuming the Star Wars saga data was entered into TMDB at different times by different people for each movie. So the naming conventions are different. I can’t login to TMDB from work because it’s blocked, but i can on my phone.

TMDB lists each movie on my phone as:
Star Wars: Episode I - The phantom Menace
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
Star Wars: Episdoe III - Revenge of the Clones
Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

TMDB is like wikipedia i believe, anyone can edit it??? I can’t on my work computer, but i’ll try to edit all the titles tonight when i get home to make them consistent. Or maybe someone else can do it if they have access.

Is there a way to force Infuse to find a different cover image for a TV series from thetvdb.com?
A series like Being Erica picks up a non English image for the series.

Think you have download it yourself, and then put it inside the “Being Erica” folder, and name it ; being-erica.jpg

Surely this is counter intuitive? There a different options available in the Database that is scraped.
Ebook catalog systems like calibre offer up different cover options to the user, surely this could be implemented here in Infuse to allow user selections directly from the app?

Well, i did not know. But have you tried to “long-press” on the folder/cover?

Not at home to try.

I would love an option to browse the list of covers available for each show/movie.

For example: Long pressing on an item could have an additional option “Select cover art” alongside “Edit metadata” etc.

My current workaround is to manually go to moviedb or tvdb and grab the image I want and save them as folder.jpg throughout my collection.