A way to organise the menu screen

I’d love to be able to organise the menu screen within the Apple TV.

After installing all the stuff from aTV I now have about three or four different ways to watch the same files. It would be great to be able to drag Sapphire out of the Media folder into the main menu, the same goes for Boxee and Nito TV. The rest I would shove into one folder so that I can hide them away as I don’t use them but they’re there if I need them. This is because I only want to watch AVI’s in Sapphire, BBC iPlayer in Boxee (which doesn’t work currently) and VIDEO_TS in Nito TV. I’m not fussed with the rest.

Is there any way to do this already? If not, it would be great to FTP the order of the folders about.


Great idea. The ability to actually organize the menu items to those things you want to use most would be tremendously helpful!

I agree, also if there could also be a way to hide menu items from the list as well. I normally only use 2 or 3 items in the list, I would like to be able to hide any item in the list and move it around from Parent and Child to have a fully customizable menu. Perhaps a bit much but it would be awesome.


I agree. I would like to be able to have an Applications menu for all of the additional applications and move all of the settings for the applications into the maintenance menu.

I second that, too. Menu not wife friendly :slight_smile:

You can use Overflow to hide or disable menu items. You use the Manage Plugins option under Maintenance to install it.

You can also use the Manage Plugins option to disable the options that you don’t use.

Here is what mine looks like since installing Overflow and hiding or disabling plugins…

This is a great tool and it’s helped me to understand how the main menu is written. I’ve managed to rename some of mine but I’m trying to figure out how to modify the submenus e.g. renaming and removing items. It would be cool to integrate the apple menus and some of the plugin menus. For example the Apple TV Internet menu with Youtube and Internet radio, combining these two items with the browser menu. I hope this mankes sense. If this isn’t on the agenda for sometime is there anyway you could give me some direction on how to rewrite the submenus / remove some of the items from the menus e.g remove tv shows from the media menu?

I’d like to be able to customise the My Music menu. There are way too many options. I only use ‘Playlists’.
The same goes for other lists too. I’d love to remove the standard options I don’t use.