A Waste of Money...

Dear Company:


I spent 5 hours reading and applying all the different suggestions on this boards and it just doesn't work.  It doesn't make any sense that everytime I want to use my ATV2 I need to do a tethered boot, specially because my computer is far away from the TV, so I need to do all kinds of antics to make it happen.  Then, it takes like 10 tries just to jailbreak, boot, and get the maintenance menu to appear (which I cannot get it to appear anymore).  So here is my suggestion:  "Before you sale a product, make sure it works!!!"  This is not opensource, people are paying for this thing and it just doesn't work properly.


Definitely, I am not upset (I'm not gonna go poor for $20 bucks) but the lack of attention from the company to this issue (I bought it back in december and still no fix) makes me weary of ever doing business with with you again.   I don't know what you guys think out there, but this is how I feel.


Respect your customers.

Dear yankoc,

it is a "beta test" phase software. Please read before you buy an product!



use the greenpoisen application for jailbreak.  its untethered.  works fine

Hi yankoc,

You should see this as a pre-order. You get to try aTV Flash (black) -beta!- from the moment when you bought it.. The full versions follows when it's done. Just like the advertise.

Dear yankoc,

You show great restraint. We all feel your pain and admire your passion. But again, this thing is Beta... well, actually, yes, it acts more like alpha but hey, it's all good. You, we, all of us are actually contributing to building what I think we will all someday conclude is a great product. These developers are probably all a bunch of starving students, with no venture capital, trying to put out a world class product and hold down a real job during the day to put food on the table for their families. Seriously though, we are all contributing in our testing and failures, trials and errors to make this thing work. 

Keep the faith, brother. Look at how anemic the ATV2 is out-of-the-box. I have Apple products all over my house and office but Steve Jobs is the one who should be ashamed of himself for putting out the lame product that is the ATV. Look at what FireCOre did with the first generation ATV. Now close your eyes and imagine the same thing with your new, bright, shiny black device. And realize you got it for less than $20. It’ll happen...

P.S. Many of us have spent a lot longer than 5 hours just trying to JailBreak this stupid thing. 


I agree with imedicineman :-)

You get what you pay for - and it is clearly stated that this product is unfinished when u buy it - also it is clearly stated that you get the full product when its out. And I ahve been through almost a month of thrying to JB, trying to get anything to work and trying to get the cool product that ATVflash is. Now I finally have some of it (well at least i have xbmc up and runnning) and it already far surpasses the original ATV black :-)

So keep the faith and let us hope the development process can keep running :-)

agree.  Not a waste of money.  beta. 

It works perfectly for me, right from the start. Get grenpoisOn RC6 and you will have an untethered jailbreak.