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For 2 days now I tried to edit metadata for a French tv show I’m currently watching but without any luck.

Astrid et Raphaëlle (2020)
It was there before and my first few episodes have the correct information, but not now, I don’t know if the API is broken for (thetvdb) or (themoviedb) or not

iOS - iPadOS - macOS version all the same results


Can you provide an example of how you have these files named?

This appears to be working here for me.

Here is a screenshot …


Can you post the exact filenames?

Here is a screenshot…

FYI, every episode spliced to 4 or 6 parts from the source.

Currently, Infuse doesn’t recognize videos that have been split from their original length. You’d need to join the parts back into one episode and then you’d have to rename the files.

For example, the one you have provided the file names for would be

“astrid et raphaelle S00E01 Puzzle.mp4” and the sub would be

“astrid et raphaelle S00E01 Puzzle.srt”

Note for specials the format used by infuse and TVDB is S00 for specials and then the E01 for the first special.

The same would apple to all episodes. They would have to be joined and renamed as above with season 1 and so on.

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After joining and renaming them Infuse recognized the show without any problems, Thanks


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