A tv show metadata not found

I Will Not Work Overtime, Period! - TheTVDB.com

This episode can not be found via infuse pro. I tried to search for metadata manually but still no result found.

BTW, can I create a TV series for my own? I created episode metadata XML files for each episode, but it can not be group to a TV series. I think there should be a series metadata XML, any sample for this file?

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Could you provide an example of how you have the files named for this series?

I have no way of translating that into English. If you could translate and type it in instead of a a screen cap it would help.

One thing I do see is you don’t have the season number, only the episode. It works far more reliably if you use the “S01E05.mp4” instead of just “E05.mp4” after the series name.

Sorry for the inconvenience, 我要準時下班 is the Chinese translation of this series.

The problem of my issue is not only it can not be recognized by infuse pro, it also can’t be found in manually search. You can see my screenshot, I tried to search the English translation “I Will Not Work Overtime” but still nothing found

If you will add the season number to the file name as I showed above it will find the info without even having to search. This will work both with English and Chinese names.

This is what I got with these names and not even having to do an edit.

And the episodes

Without the season number in the file name Infuse is searching TMDB instead of TVDB because it thinks this file is a movie with the name you have. When Infuse sees the S0XE0X format it knows it’s a tv show.

Thanks for your explanation, it works for me now.

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