A success story

I downloaded the 3.2 file, created my USB Flash stick, updated my 40Gig ATV, AND added USB Hard Disk capability. All with little or no fuss.

Read the directions twice, then follow them meticulously.

Now, if you could only keep Apple from overwriting these files with “official” updates.

I too have not had any issues with installing / upgrading my Apple TV. I find it a little crashy sometimes but all in all it’s great. I am ripping Movies and TV shows and placing them on my external drive that is connected to the ATV. Why bother with CD’s / DVD’s any longer?!?!

Oky doky, I have also had no real issues installing the aTV, what I do have an issue with is it appears I now ask myself why? To be honest, I only really want to fit an external drive to the unit to load all my ripped movies onto so I can watch them through ATV, well I cant see what I am doing now…
Anyone got time for a blow by blow account of what to do. All I want it for is TV and Music. I have the music, just no DVD’s ripped in good quality to a hard drive that can connect to the ATV…HELP!!

I just have to tag along here.

Downloaded the aTV program
Downloaded the OSboot program.
Ran the OSboot program.
Inserted the usb-stick into my mac.
Ran the aTV program. Let it finish.
Removed the usb-stick.
Turned off the AppleTV.
Inserted the usb-stick
Turned on the AppleTV
Watched text scroll
Turned off the AppleTV when instructed on-screen.
Removed the usb-stick from the AppleTV.
Turned on the AppleTV.

Thats it :smiley:

Success story!