A step backward?

I have just upgraded from 6pro to 7pro on the 1 year trial. At this stage I see little improvement but some things that have actually taken a step backward…I am hoping these are just bugs that were forgotten to be coded:

  1. in 7 I can watch a file for only a couple of seconds and it gets marked as watched. In 6pro you have to almost watch to the end of the file before infuse would mark it as watched. This is frustrating and it also contirbutes to the next issue:

  2. In 6 pro, if you selected a TV show, the episode selection would automatically move to the next Unwatched episode. This doesn’t happen in 7pro. You by default land on the last episode selected when in that menu. This is a problem when either my point above accidentally happens OR you watch a few episodes and next time you go into the menu your default selection is a few episodes behind.

Please tell me these are oversight bugs that will be corrected as they were in 6 pro? Currently it does not seem a logical approach to keeping track of tv show progress.



Sorry for the trouble, those sound likes bugs (though we’re not seeing them here).

We have a 7.0.1 update coming out within the next day or two (once Apple approves) so I would give things a try there and let us know if the issue persists.