A Star Is Born artwork is incorrect

I have a file named “A Star Is Born.mkv” - no matter what metadata I select, all I see for it’s poster is a black rectangle with “RARBG.com” in it.

Any idea why and how to correct?

You’re using the local metadata that is internal to the file. You’ll need to edit the metadata and select the correct movie to get the correct metadata.

I did that. It offered several versions, I tried three. No change.

When you on the screen that shows the name of the files in infuse does it say Local metadata in the upper right hand corner? If so you need to back out to that folder level and long press and select “Use Online Metadata”

It does not.

When I view the file within the folder, it does have all the correct information in text, the right director and cast, etc. it’s just the poster/artwork that is incorrect. (I should mention, all my other files show the right artwork, this is a first and only)

Try turning off use embedded metadata in settings.

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Wouldn’t that have a global effect that would toss away all my customizations etc?

FYI: I downloaded Girl with the dragon tattoo from the same source and it displayed fine by default

It appears this video has an embedded image, which is not related to the movie.

Turning off Embedded Metadata in settings, and using the Edit option to re-select the correct title will allow Infuse to display the other artwork.

Cached info for your other videos will not be affected…unless you manually go in and use the Edit option to refresh metadata.

Thank you all, issue resolved by turning off embedded metadata in options.

I second my request for a document or page that will explain what each option in settings specifically does. Thank you

FYI, you should use the year in your title, in parenthesis because that movie is the third remake of the same movie. All having the same title.

I did mine as “A Star is Born (2018).mkv” so it pulled up the correct one.