A second Apple TV, different settings?

I’m going to purchase a second Apple TV and install Infuse 6 Pro on it. My current Apple TV has Infuse 6 Pro connected to a Google Drive Library.

Is it possible to have a second Apple TV (same iCloud account) with an Infuse 6 Pro installation that has different settings and is connected to a different Google Drive account?

I don’t want the library of my first Infuse 6 install on the first Apple TV to be the same or synced or all on the second Apple TV and second Infuse 6 Pro install.

Yes just disable iCloud sync

You can turn off the iCloud sync after installing on one and I think you can then have separate preferences and shares. Just remember that if the one with icloud sync turned off happens to clear the cache for infuse due to needing memory needs it will then have to rebuild the metadata from TVDB and TMDB which takes longer than icloud.

Again, I think this is how it works but not 100% sure.

Isn’t iCloud sync the method that is needed to connect to a cloud service. To the best of my knowledge it is not possible to independent connect to a cloud library on the AppleTV Infuse interface. First you have to do it on iOS and then the setting transfers.

Currently iCloud is used for storing metadata but not video files.

Supported cloud services for video file are Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive.

And as you mention you may need to configure a cloud service on an iOS device first and sync the configuration to an ATV via iCloud and the turn off iCloud on that ATV so you can configure a different cloud service for the other ATV.

Can Trackt be used to sync cloud Library configs or does it have to be iCloud?

Only iCloud stores how you have Infuse configured and corrections to metadata you have made. Trakt syncs watch status only I believe.

Library configs has to be via iCloud.