A Question to aTV Admins on Behalf Windows of Users

I had been using your aTV Flash product for many months. In fact those were very happy months, the product is fantastic. I made the unfortunate decision to upgrade the the latest Apple TV software at the same time you made a decision to not distribute your software on USB anymore. OF course after that I have not been able to install your newest version since I do not have a Mac or access to one. I have been without for too long now as I wait for a solution that you said you were working on. There has been no news from you to us Windows users. Where do you stand and how much longer do we have too wait? I know that $49 is not a large investment but those few dollars saved me hours of conversion time for my video collection to the Apple accepted formats.

So please tell us something regarding a schedule. Also in another thread you mentioned as an option that we Windows users could return the unit to have the ATV software installed. By unit do you mean the Apple TV or the USB?


It is amazing that I asked this question to admins in my last post over a week ago, yet no response. I see admin responses to other subjects after I posted this. So again, is there any update on the schedule to accommodate Windows users and as an option do I send my Apple TV or my USB patchstick to you in order to get updated.

I hear you lemrock. Same problem here.

I just bought the lifetime aTV “plan” for $79.95

Looks pretty straight forward, no asterisk or anything. Alas this was not the case.
Just now found out that I have to cough up another $1,199 for an iMac, since aTV doesn’t work with Windows.
Yes, I know it says so under the requirements, but seriously, the entire concept is “plug in usb, gogo”. So why would it be OS specific.

Best 80 bucks I’ve spent :frowning:

I wasn’t confused about whether the aTV Flash needed PC or Mac. I purchased the aTV Flash when the company was delivering actual USB drives with the image already loaded and ready for installation on AppleTV. In those days it didn’t matter if you had a Mac or PC, the company did all the work for you. Of course that all changed when I guess due to legal issues, only the image could be distributed.

My frustration with Applecore Inc is really shown in this thread. I asked the admins directly 2 questions: Could they update us PC users on their progress of creating an image usable by PC users AND should we send in my AppleTV or my USB drive and they could do the updating for us. That last option is something Applecore said was an option for PC users. These were simple questions and not asked in any alarming, threatening or evil way. But they have ignored me for weeks with no response. They are certainly active on this board because I see their responses to other questions posted after my post. So I guess here I am again making a THIRD request to answer 2 questions.

I had used the aTV Flash and was very happy with the outcome. In the very least if Applecore is NOT working on a PC solution then they should at least tell me then I could go elsewhere and try something else.

Yes, we are working on a PC solution, but we have no set availability date.

Wish I had more info for you. :frowning:

Solved my problem, got one of those Air’s.

Used a 2GB Transcend USB stick btw :slight_smile:

See! totally easy. just buy a new Mac!


we are working on a PC solution, but we have no set availability date.

More information would be comforting. User lemrock has put a lot of effort into his/her
enquiry, was obviously a very happy Apple Core customer and one who I suspect represents
a very large group of potential customers. I’m in the same group. I’m a potential customer
who was about to purchase both an Apple TV and the aTVFlash product until I saw the
statement about requiring a mac to install. I’d probably go ahead with the Apple TV
purchase if I thought a PC install for aTVFlash was coming in the next 2 months, say,
but the tone of the reply makes me think that it won’t be that soon, or possibly
not ever.

I think the iPhone has caused a lot of potential customers to begin looking at
Apple hardware and software but please don’t alienate us just because we happen
to have Windows PCs. The last Apple I used was an Apple IIe back in the 1980s
but who knows!