A Note About USB Cable Sound Quality

Hey ----not to the Point of the last question,but…I’d just like to add that–If Using a USB enabled hard drive for ATV --with any kind of a decent sound system, that the USB cable is a big factor in the sound You’ll be getting. I, for instance have a 500 gb outboard hard drive attached–and it came with this crappy data wire, that I tried and felt it sounded laminated–And That’s Not A Good Thing. So, I switched it With a USB cable that appears to have some Ferrite Rings on it ( came with my Yamaha Burner ) --That cables sound made a vast difference.
Actually , given that sound systems (sneaky one’s too) are headed to all media center hard drive enabled , I know that http://www.audioadvisor.com offers some semi-expensive Audiophile Grade USB cables—Haven’t tried them though. In my case --a semi-good cable did make a difference. There are probably some other audio manufacturers cashing in on a new way to package exaltabley pure copper. (ps–not that I recommend Ferrite rings for you wires --'cause unless there tried, tested and intended for a particular application, their probably not so good an idea—Washes everything down the tubes–sound wise as an “add-on”.
So I thought I’d add that as a matter of helpfulness for anyone who cares about such things.