A noob simple question about watching 24fps films.

A noob simple question about watching 24fps films.
Should I set Apple TV 4K to 50hz or 60hz for watching 24fps film contents? I understand if I watch UK based 25fps contents( BBC iplay) I should change to 50hz and us based 30fps tv programmes I go with 60hz. ( PAL and NTSC) I am confused with 50hz’s 2:2 pull down and 60hz’s 3:2 pull down. Which one of them is the best setting for 24fps film contents?
When I turn on match frame rate, my lcd tv shows huge motion blur while playing at 24hz.

I believe what you want is to set “Video and Audio” → “Match Content” → “Match Frame Rate” → “On” so that the ATV can automatically switch the frame rate to match what you are playing automatically.

Thank you for your replay, I have tried match frame rate but my lcd tv experience huge motion blur when it plays at 24hz. That is why I have to chose 50hz 0r 60hz.

The Apple TV doesn’t support native 24hz. It’ll be trial and error based on your TV.

Thank you for your answer. I connect my apple tv to my av receiver and when I turn on match frame rate i can see Apple TV dose support 24hz playback. I can check its output status with my av receiver. However, i am getting heavy blur when Apple TV plays at 24hz with my sony hx950 lcd tv. Therefore, I am ask for 24fps films should I chose 50hz or 60hz.

The Apple TV does 23.976 but will not do native 24p. I’d suggest going to avforums and asking there as this is more of a general AV question and the issue you’re having might be addressed by calibrating your TV.