A Non-Success Story

Once upon a time (today) I:

Downloaded the aTV program
Downloaded the OSboot program.
Ran the OSboot program.
Inserted the usb-stick into my mac.
Ran the aTV program. Let it finish.
Removed the usb-stick.
Turned off the AppleTV.
Inserted the usb-stick
Turned on the AppleTV
Watched text scroll
Turned off the AppleTV when instructed on-screen.
Removed the usb-stick from the AppleTV.
Turned on the AppleTV.
No new menu items.

Repeat as desired.

Still no new menu items. Any ideas?

What version of Apple TV software and aTV Flash are you running? The latest version (3.3.2) is only compatible with the latest 2.2 Apple TV software. Once installed, the aTV Flash plugins will be located near the bottom of the Apple TV menu.

I’m having the same exact issue. Created patchstick with no problem - followed the ATF installation step by step (unplug, insert usb, plug back in) and nothing.

I saw another thread that says the USB port has to be activated. Any help with this?

Two things you should check:

  1. You are running the aTV Flash installer directly from the downloaded disk image. Do not copy the installer to your hard drive.
  2. You are using a compatible flash drive. We have a forum thread that discusses this here: http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=68

to follow up, I initially used a new kingston data traveller 2gb and was not successful.
I traded down with a friend for a sandisk cruzer mini 256mb and was successful - so i’m up and running now.