A lot of crashes

So I know the big topic is movie posters and I am having the same issues. It’s disappointing but it’s manageable (this in my opinion ) and the infuse team is probably frustrated as well but things will get sorted out.

I getting a lot of crashes while I’m trying to update the posters. Anybody else having this issue?

You might want to try a restart on the ATV.

I haven’t had many crashes the past day or so. It was crashing the day I was fetching all the poster data.

I’m confused as I went to use the latest version of Infuse Pro last night and a lot of my movies artwork were corrupt or weird looking. In an attempt to “fix’ by editing the program Metadata the program crashed. I gave up and watched the movie on my OPPO.

What’s going on? Never had crashes in the past and what happened to the movie artwork? Even when I “fix’ the artwork I can literally see it change into something strange as I’m viewing the screen. Finally just gave up!

John (ATV 4K, latest released firmware)

This explains what’s going on with the artwork Missing or incorrect movie artwork