A little help with breaking my ATV2 please

Hi guys,

I have an ATV2 on 5.0 which will only give a tethered break.

Ideally I want to bump up to 5.3 so I can get untethered with SeasonPass.

Is this possible?

I have been looking on Google for a couple of hours now and can’t see much to help me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated xx

Download seasonpass from the site . It wil automatically install 5.3 and jailbreak youre device

Thank you for the reply! I discovered that 5.3 is still being signed (why??!!) so I custom upgraded using iTunes and just broke it after that. I thought that your method may well work, but I coukdnt find anything concrete to support it. Thanks again x


what did you use to jailbreak it ? Seasonpass is giving me errors.
Thank you

I used Seas0npass. The only trouble I got was that I could not enter DFU mode using the remote control method described. There was a solution I found on Google that involved plugging in the power cable in conjunction with the remote control that worked. I’d love to offer help on the error you’re having but unless it’s the problem above that I had then I doubt I’d be of any help sorry! What’s up?

Are you PC or Mac.
Thank you for the help.


sqig, If you are getting errors on Seas0nPass, as a first port of call, run the program as administrator.
If this does not work, more information of your error will be required.

I have been using Seasonpass on my mac for many years,
Today however it goes through the whole process and says firmware update successful .
When I plug the ATV2 into the tv i get the itunes plug logo
I have tried 5 times now on different macs. There are a few other threads about this.
I will try and borrow a PC tomorrow.

Thank you.

It appears (after hours of time wasted Googling) that Seasonpass only downgrades atv2 6.2.1 to 5.3 on a PC and NOT on a mac!
You also need to plug in the power cable into the atv2 as well as the microusb to perform the jailbreak or you will just be frustrated.
Hope this helps.

Not true I have used a mac numerous times to JB over 10+ avt2’s. Anyways…

Learn how to use DFU properly if you don’t already:

Don’t skip step 6. By doing so doesn’t complete the JB!