A few wishes

  1.  The cover display has 3 forms. It would be nice if one could select the default (I like the 3rd the most because of the big cover) or that it became a sticky setting meaning that MP remembers the previous setting and defaults to that.


  1.  Also nice would be if one could select folders within the device/share. I use a TimeCapsule and it always contains stuff containing no movies. Now one has to skip all these before reaching the one of interest.

As an example: not it is /TimeCapsule and nice would be if /TimeCapsule/AllerhandeFiles/BlaBla/Movies would appear in My Files.


  1.  (completely different and off-topic). I would love to use MediaPlayer on my MacMini and could replace Xbmc (way too much overhead, all I want is to play a movie and see the cover) there. Front Row/Mirow is no option since not working in 10.7 anymore.



Are you referring to the watched view (All, Watched, Unwatched)?

This can be done by setting up a ‘Favorite’. Favorites will be listed in the main menu, so you won’t even have to go into My Files.

More details here: http://support.firecore.com/entries/20322512-streaming-from-a-mac-pc-or-nas

I’ll pass along the suggestion, but for now we’re mainly focused on the AppleTV.


Neither. I mean the left part where the Movie information is (as opposed to right the list of movies). With the L/R buttons one sees 3 types of information. I am mostly interested to show the cover as big as possible which is the 3rd choice.


I am going to check out the Favorites, thanks for the tip.