A few TV shows will not scrape, help?


I upgraded to Infuse 5 on aTV, and am having an issue with TV Show scraping. I have local metadata (folder.jpg, showname.nfo, fanart.jpg) in each folder for my TV shows. I also have online metadata on. So far, Infuse has picked up most of my shows based on this, and correctly pulled down any extra art/metadata. However, there are a few shows it hasn’t been to find, despite the local NFO files, that aren’t being scraped correctly. They’re hanging out at the top of of the TV screen, and it’s getting to be a real annoyance. I’ve tried renaming the shows and it hasn’t worked, though I know they’re on The TVDB.

A few examples:

Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City (I’ve tried replacing the colon with the hyphen, and with no punctuation)
Homicide: Life on the Street (ditto)
The Tatami Galaxy

Kodi didn’t have this issue because I got the metadata separately and chose only local metadata for it. Infuse doesn’t seem to scrape correctly if only using local metadata (should I rename my NFO files?), but I’m OK with online scraping that uses local art, etc. but neither option seems to be working for these shows.

A second request: can Infuse support (even optionally) the Kodi naming format for a double episode (e.g., two episodes of a TV show in one file?). I use the format 01x01_02 for a few shows that do this, which is much easier than splitting the files. Thanks.

Can you provide an example filename for one of the episodes that is not being fetched properly? Infuse supports most of the common ones, and a complete list can be found here. https://support.firecore.com/hc/en-us/articles/215090947-Metadata-101

Also, support for double episode videos is something we’re looking into for a future update. :wink:

Is it that Infuse isn’t scraping the file names, or the folder names?

So an example is

–> Terrace House - Boys and Girls in the City
----> Season 01
-------> 01x01.avi…01x46.avi

Some other examples not scraping and with the same structure are The Tatami Galaxy and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE0096.

File extensions are all either avi, mkv, or mp4.

All of the other shows are in this same structure (Top level show name, second directory Season folder, episodes within season folder in 00(season)x00(episode number) format and scraped correctly (Homicide: Life on The Streets somehow correctly scraped last night).

Have you tried renaming the episode with filebot ? Every tv episode that I’ve ran through it has been scraped correctly.

One thing to try with the first series is to swap ‘and’ for ‘&’ since that’s what TheTVDb is using. http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=309785&lid=7 Doing this allowed me to get the correct info for all files with your naming structure.

Are the other 2 series similarly structured? I didn’t have any issues scraping info for those.

This seems to have fixed it - I was avoiding using non alphanumeric characters in show names, which works in stand-alone scrapers that let you choose from possible options, but seemed to trip up Infuse. Thanks!