A Few Metadata Issues with Corrected Movies

I manually edited the following movies in Google Drive (streaming to Infuse) to reflect the correct title and year as registered in The Movie Database (TMDb). I also cleared the metadata in Infuse settings to start fresh. I’m not sure why Infuse is fetching the incorrect metadata for the first two examples listed below. As for the third example, I can understand why the metadata would be mismatched, and I assume that manually correcting the metadata in Infuse is the best option for me in this instance. Any insight would be appreciated.

Total Recall (1990)
Total Recall (2012)

  • Infuse fetches the Total Recall (1990) metadata.

The Captain (2017)

  • Infuse fetches Captain Underpants (2017)

One of Us (2017)

  • Infuse fetches a different movie with the same title and year: One of Us (2017)

Can you provide examples of how your Total Recall movies are named?

For the other two, these are the top (most popular) results Infuse gets from TMDb. Usually these are pretty accurate, but a few manual corrections may be required here and there.


Thanks for following up.

They are named:

“Total Recall (1990)”

“Total Recall (2012)”