A few issues

Ok i just bought this and  I understand streaming from a computer is coming and thats ok but here are my problems, maybe i am missing some way to fix these issues . First i thought this had real airplay not air play mirroring, there is a difference, The files play great no problems but after a files gets done playing ihave to choose what files plays next? how do i get it to shuffle files or automatically play the next file? stream to me is free and has all these but the interface is terrible. i assumed since this cost money it would at least do those things am i missing something here, this seems really limited.
So it looks like wmv and mpg will only airplay using mirroring and mirroring sucks, any chance of changing this?

The way AirPlay works will depend on the file type. Infuse uses 2 different modes, native AirPlay and mirroring.

Native AirPlay can be used for just about any h.264 video, even those in mkv or avi containers. Unfortunately since AirPlay is an h.264 only format, things like wmv videos are only able to be sent over AirPlay via mirroring.

We’ve had a few request for a playlist feture, and will likely look into adding one for an upcoming version.

Damn apple and their limitations on things, I guess the reason why it seems stream to me airplays WMVs is because it really isn’t, it transcodes the file first


Is this mirroring issue also present when using the TV-out function with the lightning-to-HDMI cable, or is it just an AirPlay limitation?

When playing via an HDMI or VGA cable, the output should be exactly as it appears on the iPad. The actual video format matters far less in this case.

So Infuse 2 will never mirror with a physical hdmi cable and always output the video and sound to the tv while the iPad screen turns off?

I wouldn’t say never, it’s just I don’t think we’ve even looked into it.

As far as I know you’re the first person to mention it. :slight_smile: