A few general questions

I am moving to ATV from a Boxee Box and have a few questions:

  1. can I add additional years of support or lifetime support after my initial purchase or must that be done up-front?
  2. my three year old can operate the Boxee Box with its super simple menus. Will she have trouble starting a movie? (it’s still on the way, no experience yet, sorry!)
  3. I have an iMac that is on 24/7 and store my media on a NAS. Is there an advantage/disadvantage to running the Plex client over the media player?
  4. my library consists of AVIs, MKVs, and a few ISOs. Will I see any performance gain if I covert those to MP4s or is it not worth the effort?

Looks like a great product. Thanks in advance for your advice!

I spent the evening toying with my new ATV and am not impressed with iTunes shaing or The Plex client’s. Would love some feedback here. I may send it back and go with a Roko for their super simple Plex client.

Why do you need Plex?  ATV2 Flash’s Media Player should do just fine.  Have you tried it?