A few general questions


Just bought a Apple Tv and a copy of ATVFLASH!

All working great, but I have a few minor problems/questions though…

1 - I tried uploading a 1.3gb file via (Smart) ftp…It takes an age (maybe an hour). But also i notice it times out alot and restarts from scratch, so i never actulaly got the file to my Apple Tv. Im not sure if its a problem with ATV or my network, but does anyone have any ideas?

2 - Because the above failed I simply copied the files to a USB stick, pluged it in and watched it via the USB Stick (which worked really well btw). But is there a way of copying files off the USB directly to the APPLETV?

3 - Is there a way to use a two way patch cable to upload files quicker - IE one network cable from laptop to appletv?

4 - or…can i connect the ATV to a laptop via a usb lead?

Think thats about it, any help and advice would be great!

I have my AppleTV on my home network so I connect my MacBook Pro using wi-fi.

I can use Finder to connect to the server, appletv.local. I couldn’t do this at first, so I recommend downloading Cyberduck and using the dialog shown in the screen image:

[attachment=0]Cyberduck Dialog.png[/attachment]

The password is hidden, it should be “frontrow” the same as the user name.

Either the Finder or Cyberduck allows copying files between the two computers.

Good luck … it wasn’t easy for me.

I didn’t like cyberduck so I used fetch. I also used the IP address of the appletv and have not had any problems uploading multiple movies at a time.

  1. Are you using a wired or wireless network? A wired connection will yield much faster transfer times.

  2. Yes. Locate the file you wish to copy through the nitoTV → Files menu. Highlight it, press the right arrow (to bring up the options menu) and select ‘copy file’. The navigate to the place you wish to copy the file to, and select ‘paste file’ from the options menu.

  3. Yes an ethernet connection directly from the computer to the AppleTV would work for transfers.