A few 7.4 UI issues

Firstly. Great release with 7.4 :slight_smile:

After playing around a bit, I have noticed what seem to be some rendering issues in the UI, and some lag that wasn’t there previously.

Here’s the video that I took. I’ll explain in more detail below…

I click on 2 shows that have some additional loading, and 1 show that I expected to take long to load but does not. I falsely assumed that it had to do with the number of seasons and episodes since the 7.4 interface will essentially load all seasons at once now to allow for the new season picker to work.

  • Looney Tunes collection - 41 seasons total and quite a few small episodes in each season. Long loading with spinning wheel.

  • Love Island - 8 seasons with over 50 episodes per season. Short loading with spinning wheel

  • South Park - 25 seasons with approx 20 episodes per season. Smooth transition with no loading at all

Obviously this is all very nit-picky, but just a bit of roughness that wasn’t there previously. Also, likely is not affecting anyone with smaller libraries… but might also affect others with much larger shows/video collections.

  • Apple TV 4K (64GB) - latest version
  • Jellyfin 10.8 w/ infuse sync 1.4.2
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Just curious, have you tried reversing the order you check these so it’s South Park, then Love Island, then Looney Tunes?

That looks almost like it could be the lag on the first was the starting of a communications block and once opened the quick change to a new series was benifiting from the comms already started.

Just a SWAG (minus the “S”)

Yes absolutely. Just killed the app and tested in different orders.

There are a few additional anomalies with UI in this version.

When scrolling down from Play to Season X the scrolling is smooth. When scrolling from Playlist and twice down to Season X it’s jerky.

This one is smooth.

This one is jerky.

For clarity, this seems to occur on every single show.

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And here is the last of my nit-picky feedback :).

When entering into Movies or All Shows, the poster names show for a split second on entry although the Show Poster Titles setting is turned off. The transition is also less smooth than it was in the previous Infuse version (this is hard to see in the video though).

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Was Loony still the “Laggy” one?

Yes, no change on which shows were the laggy ones.

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I do have an update here. The “jerky” scroll from Playlist to Season went away after rebooting my Apple TV completely. The other issues above still remain though.

I’m not sure what was causing the jerky scrolling issue or if it’ll come back in the future, but it’s working for now.

For clarity:
I updated from 7.3xx to 7.4 and did not run any of the betas. I had never rebooted the ATV at all after 7.4.

One thing I found that has been the apparent cause of different pauses, lags, and jerkiness is the ATV setting for background app refresh. I finally set it to on and then turned off everything BUT infuse. That helped in a few cases.

Thanks for the tip @NC_Bullseye . In my case Infuse is the only app with BG background update. It’s practically the only reason I have an Apple TV! :blush:

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The jerky UI on episodes screen is now back again on some shows. Seems it does develop over time.

A number of improvements in this area are available in today’s 7.4.1 update. :slight_smile:

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