a couple suggestions that I would love to see.

1st is a plugin for an Android remote. Already works if using XBMC, but the firec0re media player plays more content better & I have removed XBMC from all of my ATV2’s at this point. 


2nd is a way to sync the watched indicator between ATV2’s using media player. I have 3 in my house & constantly start stuff not realizing that I have already seen it. This isnt a deal breaker, but it would surely make those of us with multiple units happy. 


3rd & final is a long shot to ever happen, but would be great if someone somehow did. Live TV using something like a HDHR for the tuner. At that point its just streaming video for the most part. Dont need any DVR functions or anything like that (though if another app was made to function as a backend on a media server that interacted directly with media player that would be even better.