A couple of ideas

Hi, first of all, great product! I’m a fan as well as a user and I have been for a while. I have tried all your subscription options and bought the apps to support you guys.

I know you actually react to user suggestions, so I will venture a few:

  • auto-select subtitles from the list, when no local subtitles are available. Its really a good feature that I don’t have to turn on local subtitles. I would like to have that functionality with external subtitles. In my experience in 90% of cases, the subtitle at the top list are usually the right one. Please give me an option to auto-select it for all movies and tv-shows. That way I only have to go into settings in 10% of the cases, instead of 100%.

  • Incorporate a “view trailer” option. If, for legal reasons, you can’t have a small window showing the trailer, then maybe send users to the youtube-app all-ready to go with the trailer. I know it’s probably a difficult one.

  • Sometimes theres a “behind the scenes” or a “The Making of …” for both TV series and movies. Can you get that into the Collections folder? I know you get the metadata from online resources and they probably don’t have information on documentaries, so maybe I can add “DOCU” or something in the filename, then Infuse will know it is supposed to go in the same collection.

I hope you will take my suggestions into consideration,