A 4K Apple TV is Coming This Year

From Cord Cutters news: February 16, 2017.

Apple is reportedly working on a new Apple TV that will support 4K content. According to a report from Bloomberg. Apple could launch this fifth-generation Apple TV as soon as this year, with support for “more vivid colors.” That improvement in color reproduction could be related to high dynamic range (HDR), a feature that is becoming popular on consumer 4K TVs. Bloomberg’s report doesn’t provide any additional information on the upcoming Apple TV, but it does include a lot of context around Apple’s past decisions for its TV hardware.
The addition of 4k will probably boost Apple TV sales as consumers increasingly upgrade to 4K television TVs. The upgrade is badly need as the Apple TV currently trails both Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV both already offering 4K for over a year.
Early on, the Apple TV was reported as a device to replace the clunky set-top boxes from the cable companies and stream live television. Sadly that never happened. Now hopefully this new 4K 5th generation Apple TV will be the box that finally puts Apple in first place in American bedrooms.
Apple TV has steadily lost market share since its release in the fall of 2015; in January just 11.9 percent of connected television customers were using it, the research firm says, down from 12.5 percent in September. In part, the slide reflects competition from Amazon and Roku, whose boxes do the same and more for less money.
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