A 4.4 jailbroken ATV that DOESN'T require a tethered boot *IS* being attempted, right?

The Title pretty much says it. 

My ATV was a brutal hassle to jailbreak (an infinite number of iTunes errors) and after the dust settled, I’ve got a jailbroken 4.3.  I couldn’t jailbreak a 4.4 because of the tethered boot requirement - simply because of booting errors - and we did the jailbreaking somewhere other than my home - So I needed to install a version that wouldn’t require a tethered boot.

In the end, I’m dying for the NHL channel and I can’t have that without 4.4 and I can’t jailbreak 4.4 because of the tethered booting.   UGGGGHHHH

So a secondary question would be:  If I upgrade to 4.4, will I still be able to download seasonpass when and if it gets updated?, etc – or will I need to purchase it again? 

SeasonPass is free!

You pay for the FireCore add-ons such as Media Player. How long you can continue to update those depends on what length of support you payed for - I believe one year iof upates is included in the original purchase and there was an option to buy additional years.

Awesome…  thanks for reminding me about that bit., I’d forgotten about it…    So I’m to assume a boot-tether-free version is in the pipes somewhere?

Thanks again!   Later!

Being worked on!