9-100 error


I have used the latest seasonpass to jailbreak my brand new appletv2.

That works and I get the “In Theaters” option under Movies

I have enable Airplay and Home Sharing as required

When I run the atv install i get error “sorry the installer could not install maintenance - (Error: 9.100)” no matter how many times i try.  have tried clicking Back and re-trying many times to no avail

My software version is 4.4.3 (3323)

OS Build Version 5.0.1 (9A405I)

Please help

Any other 3rd party software installed?

If you’re able to open a support ticket, and send in the ‘FC_Installer.log’ file found in your Documents folder we can help troubleshoot further.


Hi. I tried to ssh and install xbmc but it failed part way through on a few attempts which is why I bought your product.
Should I revert to stock appletv software then re jailbreak then run flash install again do you think?

Panic over. It seems once I restored default apple ipsw ten jail broke with season pass and retried the flash install it worked