.80 Jailbreak - Only Floating Screen Saver works?



I have jailbroken two of my ATV2s with Seas0npass .80, and no matter which screen saver I choose for my photos, it always uses floating? Is this a known issue? Is there a fix for it yet? Thanks!

Have you installed aTV Flash (black) yet? Installing version 1.0 or later should cure this issue.

I didn’t realize that was mandatory. it wasn’t on my previous iOS version. I don’t have such a thing as I have always used xbmc for my media center.

Not mandatory, just handy.

Alternatively you could install ‘com.nito.sshack’ manually via APT.

Thanks for all the help!!

The SSHack worked for me, thanks!  Note it can be installed via NitoTV as well, you don’t have to use the command line.  But in order to get it working I had to SSH into the ATV and give the “killall AppleTV” command after installing.