8-bit output instead of 10-bit

Any news on a fix for this problem?

I would really like to use Infuse again, but the output of the wrong HDR metadata is unfortunately a show stopper for me.

Whatever I do, MKVs derived from my 4K-UHD-Blu-rays are always played in 8 bit by the Apple TV.


Infuse should be playing 4K UHD content in 10-bit and not 8-bit.

Can you run one of these videos through MediaInfo and post the detailed specs here?



I bought a new AV receiver (Denon x6700) and the receiver shows 4:2:2 12Bit when playing the UHD-HDR-MKVs mentioned above.

Hence, the 8Bit problem was obviously cused by my old AV receiver.

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Great! Thanks for following up. :slight_smile:

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