720p movies help please!!!

i have apple tv with 2.2 and atv flash 3.3.4 installed.
i wanna download 720p hd movies.
can i do it? how can i play them on my atv?

** i saw in arv flash site that is can ryn only 480p movies because of the atv hardware.

The restriction of the Apple TV only relates to HD movies in the MKV format. HD movies in other formats will work.

yes i know, but not all 720p hd movies are mkv files ?

Yes, not all HD movies are MKV files. The restriction is specific to MKV files. There are many HD formats that will work just fine on the Apple TV.

HD (ie 720p) movies work just fine on mine, even played from a USB-connected Drobo.

however HD movies in .mkv format won’t reliably play, apparently the AppleTV doesn’t have enough grunt to decode them in realtime. for HD .mkv movies you need to convert them to a “more native” format (mpeg4 or h264), using something like VisualHub (or whatever will replace it).

also be aware that many mkv torrents come with AC3 surround-sound (eg “Dolby Digital”), sometimes DTS, and often stereo or occasionally multi-channel AAC. so you need to be aware of the capabilities/limitations/compatibilities of these various combinations with regards to the capcbilities of your chosen converter program and what will play on an AppleTV with or without hacks installed. yes, it can be a little messy & difficult to strike a good result/compromise with some downloads…