720p help!

i have apple tv with 2.2 and atv flash 3.3.4 installed.
i wanna download 720p hd movies.
can i do it? how can i play them on my atv?

** i saw in arv flash site that is can ryn only 480p movies because of the atv hardware

Once you have ATVF 3.3.4 installed, goto the “DVD” menu: DVD → Settings → Install Software
Then install Perian, mPlayer Codecs, and Smart Installer. May as well install Turbo’s Kextloader while you’re there.

Go back out to DVD → Settings → File Playback Mode = Mixed

Then use something Cyberduck to U/L your movies to the /Movies folder. You will see your movies in the DVD → Files menu.

You can grab some sample 720p & 1080p content here:

I find on my ATV 2.2 + ATVF 3.3.4 that I can play 720p movies quite well, but 1080p stutters, likely due to the slow processors in the ATV. Good luck.