7 weeks and counting

Please get a windows version out so us pc users can jailbreak!

An update that outlines the progress of aTV Flash (black) and Seas0nPass for Windows can be seen here.

That means we have 8 more days?

Not going to hold my breath.

I’m with you…although I think after all the bugs in the Mac version we just might get a windows version that will work without all of the problems the Mac users had…I’m looking forward to my jailbreak…the ATV software and xbmc…it should be sweet!

If there is a will, there is a way...

Check some of the other posts, but it's possible on a Windows Box running a OSX virtual machine, if you choose to take that journey.

I luckly had the OSX VM already, so it was a simple process for me. The tetherboot piece via the VM was a failure, but that piece can be ran from within Windows alone. 

I'm up and running jailbroken and all the functionality that comes with it using my Windows machine and OSXVM. 

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I too look forward for a simplified windows release (dare I say untethered as well), but have got it working without it...

Thanks for the advice…sounds like the osx vm was a option for you but I really don’t want to go down that path! I’ll check out the links you posted. Looks like some of the big DEV teams will be releasing a untethered jb for 4.2.1 very soon…in a few days or so…I’m hoping thatbthat will translate into a untethered jb with season pass for windows…thanks for the post dude…ciao for now…be well!

No worries, good luck!

Given all the grief and confused communication on JAILBREAK, versus install of FIRECORE, versus install of various useful apps like XBMC, versus lack of storage on the APPLE TV V2 :

Will continue with my ownership of my $50 Apple TV V1, with FIRECORE for the future.   Just can not see any strong improvement from the pain of installation, and optimization required of the new hardware platform.  Maybe six months from now when everything is working well, and all reported bugs are worked out of the beta.


I have both actually.