[7.7] Editing Home Screen items appears to be broken

I’m on the Home Screen edit page and am trying to add Unwatched Movies, but no matter where I place it, it doesn’t show up on the Home Screen. I think because I’m in Direct Mode now, does that mean that I can’t add anything from the Library section when I’m editing the Home Screen? If so, maybe that section should be removed?

Image below for reference:

If your server is set to use Direct Mode you won’t be able to use the lists from the ‘Library’ section (as these are generated by Infuse’s library).

Instead, you can pin lists which are pulled directly from the server. These will appear on that screen in a separate section (one section for each server).

Is there any way to see a list of just my unwatched movies in Direct Mode?

Yes, depending on which server you are using there are ways to create lists of unwatched items.

If you create these lists and have them visible on the Home Screen of the server, they can then be added to Infuse.

Or you can continue to use Library Mode in Infuse and use the categories and lists created by Infuse.

I tried creating a smart collection in Plex for unwatched movies, and added it to home screen. But I looked everywhere on Infuse to find a way to find it and add it to the Infuse screen. Maybe I need some hints, but I can’t get it to work.-Alan