7.7.3 - Jellyfin Direct Library Order is Randomized

Not a big deal but on 7.7.3, the order for the libraries when using Jellyfin (10.8.13) Direct is randomly ordered. I couldn’t tell you how it’s ordered (date vs title vs played) but it’s no longer alphabetical. I checked on a TV that was on 7.7.2 and it was alphabetical. Updating the TV to 7.7.3 made changes the order to match the other updated devices.


This is how my Movie library is starting:


Thanks for the report. Looking into this.


Since updating my Mac, iPhone and AppleTV the sorting is all wrong. Whatever I change the sort order to it does not change the order displayed. My iPad has not been updated and is functioning as expected. I’m running a Jellyfin server on a Synology NAS and I tried to reverting back to Library mode but that made no difference.

This screen shot is of the Mac version but the sorting is the same on the other platforms.

Also I have noticed some films on the AppleTV (the platform I use Infuse on 99.9% of the time) start with no sound and I need to come out of the film and restart it to get to sound to come back.

Diagnostics: ECDFD

Any thoughts



I’m running into the same issue to display my Jellyfin movies and series on tvOS, iPadOS & MacOS since I’ve updated the app.
They are listed randomly and not by title anymore.

Same problem here. Very strange. Definitely a result of upgrading to 7.7.3.

Using either SMB or Plex resolved the problem, so on the face of it, it’s a JellyFin related issue.

Infuse was updated, not JF. If it was behaving normally before 7.7.3 and then upgrading to 7.7.3 resulted in the sort issue, that’s something to do with Infuse, not JF. Movies are sorted correctly on JF web app.

Sorry I did not mean it was a Jellyfin issue itself but a Jellyfin integration issue in infuse.

It sounds like Jellyfin/Emby/Plex direct sort options are coming to 7.7.4. It almost feels like some of the code used for that sort was left in by mistake?

Either way, it sounds like if those sort options make it into 7.7.4, it will resolve this?

7.7.4 reference: Upcoming Features (updated 4/12/24)

Deleted my duplicate post… but I am having the same issue. It’s not date added, release date or Title. I will say it’s the same order on iOS and tvOS with the same Jellyfin server.

I’m using Infuse Pro on my apple tv and I’ve got a jellyfin server shared in library mode. For some reason, infuse lists my movies in some random order despite my having the settings set to “title”. To add to this, newly added movies do not show in the most recent tab.

What can be the cause of this?

I moved your post to a thread discussing this issue. Note it’s tagged as researching. :wink:

I hope this helps, but I was just pulling the latest version of Swiftin (Jellyfin’s First Party Apple TV client) And it’s disorganized in the exact same way as 7.7.3! So, whatever is causing this seems to also be on the main branch (Non-App Store Version) of Swiftfin.

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Glad to see I am not the only one suffering from this bug!

This issue has been resolved in today’s 7.7.4 update.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


Update to 7.7.4 But infuse direct connect to jellyfin file still in random order for me whether choosing any sort option in setting.
Trying on both iphone and ipad, forget and add new server still suffer the same random sorting.

What version of jellyfin are you using?

FWIW working again on Infuse 7.7.4 for AppleTV and Ipad with Jellyfin 10.8.13 Mac OS as it was prior to the regression in 7.7.3.

(edit: Updated with further info)

Jellyfin server version 10.8.13 on windows