7.5.8 Crashes when importing local files

Hello (newbie here),

At first, thank you, this is truly superb and polished application, just what I wanted instead of MacOS built-in TV-app, that is “almost good enough”.

My primary use case is to watch local video files, so at first, I added some folders into library, and then sometime later Infuse crashed. After that, it always crashed instantly after pushing “Add files” button.

I uninstalled Infuse, and removed all references under ~/Library/ and tried again after installing Infuse again, but no luck. So it crashes instantly after “Add files” button.

Then, I switched WLAN off (no network at all), and now could add all my local video folders into library. And then switched WLAN on, and all is fine :slight_smile: .
So, now I can see my videos imported when WLAN was off. And importing new videos requires WLAN off.

I puzzled a bit with settings, but could not find any logic what could be the root cause for this (sync to iCloud etc setting). However, just to inform, if this helps somebody or there might still be some bug in there.

I’m using Big Sur (all patches installed), 11.7.9.

Sorry to hear about that.

Are you able to replicate this issue then send in a report from your device, and post the 5 digit code here?

Probably you mean the ticket code, it’s 154879.

Hope this helps,


When you send in diagnostics in Infuse it will give you a 5 digit code. That’s the one that @james was refering to. :wink:

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OK, now I got time to get back with this. The problem still existed, read below.

However, I remembered I have firewall also for outgoing connections. I disabled it - and everything works!

It appears, the crash happens because the network is available (WLAN is enabled and network available), but connection to external sources (network files) fails, as firewall blocks them all.

If WLAN is disabled, then, no problem.

So, there should be some kind of check if network connection fails although network is available, and then report some kind of message (“Could not find any network resources” etc). Probably people do not have this kind of firewalls, though.


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