7.5.7 only stereo output

After I updated to 7.5.7 (from 7.5.6 - monthly subcription) infuse no longer outputs multi channel sound to apple’s spatializer (Airpods, Ventura 13.4.1). Previously infuse would output 5.1 or 7.1 as multichannel. Apple TV still works as expected and outputs Atmos (if available) or multichannel. I tried all sorts of media (mkvs, bluray, uhd, dvd etc) - and sound formats (ac3 5.1, DTS 5.1, DTS-MA 5.1 + 7.1, Dolby True HD 5.1 + 7.1, ATMOS etc). None would output multichannel sound with infuse 7.5.7. I highly suspect the update, but maybe there ist another thing I could try to get back multichannel sound?


This is something we are looking into.

Thanks for the report.

I was afraid of this, I hope they fix it soon.

Any news? This is the feature that compelled me to subscribe to infuse. When will this be fixed?

Is it possible to downgrade?

I would love to downgrade, but how? I downloaded through the App Store, and don’t see a way to get older versions. Neither did I find older versions on the firecore site to download. Any pointers?

This has been resolved in today’s 7.5.8 update.

To ensure Infuse is able to send multichannel spatial audio, you will want to keep the ‘Downmix Volume’ option in Settings > Audio set to Original.

If you are using a device that doesn’t support spatial audio and are experiencing any sort of static or clipping, the option can be set to Normalized.

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Yes. It’s fixed in 7.5.8! Multichannel is working again! thanks.


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