7.4 Single Movie Collections


Since 7.4 on my Mac OS 12.4, a couple of collection have been created with only a single movie in

Wargames and The Batman so far

This has not happen on my AppleTV

If you navigate inside are there multiple items listed?

Yes two copies of War Games but I only have one copy on disc and the 2nd does not play when selected and is missing the metadata

Ok Strange one, after trying to play the 2nd copy of the movie from within Infuse and doing a refresh the collection is now gone, not sure what was going on there !

The Batman one was my fault as it was picking up a 4K version as well DOH !


I’ve noticed I’ve had collections created for numerous movies like “The Batman” and “Dune” even though only one extant movie exist in each such “Collection” … because TMDB has gotten ahead of themselves and created entries for the intended sequels and the associated Collection pages which include those sequels which absolutely no one yet has in their libraries … and perhaps because my library includes two copies of each of those movies (one in 4K HDR, one in HD SDR).

Thus, my library has collections for both “Dune” and “The Batman”, each listing “1 title” under the collection poster, but each containing two items inside. Similarly, my “Lord of the Rings” collection displays “3 titles” under the Collection poster but has 12 titles inside (both TC and EE edits in both 4K HDR and 1080p versions). It’s this way, of course, because TMDB & Infuse still do not support multiple versions (neither different release cuts, nor different file encodings).

I figured that by default Infuse does not (should not) show collections that only have one title that’s a member of that collection in the user’s library; yet it shows them anyway if there are multiple versions of the same single title in a user’s library (AND that title happens to overlap with a Collection existing at TMDB).

Since there will be if people have multiple versions of a single title in their collections (different release cuts and/or different file encodings); is the fact that collections appear even while Infuse counts and treats each of the multiple instances as the same theatrical title a feature, or a bug?


And if it IS a feature, can Infuse not begin creating “Collections” for other movies in a user’s library that exist in multiple versions, but don’t benefit from being part of a movie series identified as a collection by TMDB?

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