7.4 is an awesome release

I just wanted to point out how much of an improvement to navigating within TV Shows this release has been. Everything mentioned at Infuse 7.4 - Let's Get Organized | Firecore is great. I personally feel the contents of this release were one of the big changes needed for Infuse from a library accessibility perspective; these were some of the core things that always felt missing when compared to other clients. This release really rounds out Infuse.


Totally agree the new stuff is great, love the TV and movie logos


I agree with what has been said. A really great job has been done. And in terms of the convenience of the interface and its appearance, infuse is simply the best.
Thanks a lot to the guys from firecore for listening to the requests of users and implementing them in infuse:)


Agree with all. Great job, @james (and any minions you might have working with you)!

Browsing & viewing TV is definitely 1000x better.

One update that negated all my efforts locating and creating proper TV season posters for myself and TMDB and it’s so much more sensible I don’t even care. (Yet comforted that view by folder still exist in case I want to go back and reminisce.)


Yes, 7.4 it’s an awesome release. The only thing I would like to see changed, it’s replacing the title in the normal white text with the logo. I have the suggestion here, support if you like:



I just dont understand why releases keep coming and a much requested feature like having a letter index to navigate the movie/tv libraries is left behind…
I’ve been waiting for years and nothing, it makes using infuse with a cec remote impossible…

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Thanks for the kind works. I’m very happy to hear you’re enjoying the new update. :slight_smile:

This is planned for an upcoming 7.4.x release.


Looking forward to it @james. Appreciate the update.

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