7.4 features not working

These 2 new features from 7.4 update don’t work on Mac for local files.

  1. NEXT VIDEO doesn’t show up.

  2. Cannot select multiple local videos.

Please explain?

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The Next Episode button will appear as part of the playback overlay once an episode is 92% finished. If you’re on Mac simply move the mouse over the playback window to bring up the overlay.

Note: You will need to have Continuous Playback enabled for this to appear.

Multi-select is available on iOS and Mac, and can be trigger by choosing the ‘Select’ option from the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner while browsing files.

@james Thanks for clarifying. Though I wonder why the Select option wasn’t added to tvOS but only to iOS? Due to Accessibility? I’d be fine if it was added to the context menu that pops up when long-pressing on an item.

Yes, multi-select usability is more challenging on Apple TV so it isn’t currently available there.

However, as long as you have iCloud Sync enabled, changes you make on iOS/macOS will sync over to the Apple TV.

Its greyed out on Mac. I have continuous play on.

Also cannot get play next to show up.

Playing local files only

Which screen are you browsing through? Here is what I see on the main Files tab.

Ok so this doesn’t work if you have searched videos.

So I searched local videos with name of movie and cannot select them because you haven’t added this feature to searched results? Why not?

Also cannot see play next. Cont play is ON.

please reply to confirm the feature does not work on searched videos? it is greyed out on searched videos.

  1. cannot select multiple files after searching videos. does not work.

  2. playlists created are in a total random order. no way to organise by file name apart from manually moving every thumbnail which will take how long for 4000 videos???.

  3. still no easy way to skip to next video unless you are using a keyboard.

Not available at this time.

Default playlist order is determined by the order in which you add items. You can use the ‘Reorder’ option to adjust the order of items, as needed.

When playing a TV episode and the progress hits 92%, simply move the cursor on the screen and you’ll see a ‘Next Episode’ button appear on the right hand side with the playback controls. This requires ‘Continuous Playback’ to be enabled in Preferences > Playback.

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