7.3.7, all sorts of issues

So with 7.3.7 and 15.4 (and 15.4.1) tvOS, I see all sorts of strange behavior, usually needing me to forcefully close the Infuse session and restart it.

After I watch a movie for awhile, I exist playback and often see missing icons on the Infuse home (like grey movie tickets). I’ve tried to upload diags from there, and it says “upload failed.” If I try to start playback on anything, it prompts perhaps to resume, but playback never starts (neverending spinner). The Plex server doesn’t show a playback starting on the dashboard either.

If I back out to home and come back, it’s still broken. Unless I restart the ATV box, or kill Infuse and restart, it stays broken.

I did a couple of diagnostic dumps after restarting Infuse after a couple of such failures. Codes are N1653 and K9XXN. Does this sound like something that 7.3.8 will fix (I hope)? Was working well before the 7.3.7 update.

Another diagnostic, after having to restart while watching movies today:
Just spinning, playback off Plex server wouldn’t start until I force closed the app.

Seeing some similar issues like “never ending spinner” after fast forwarding or rewinding. A reboot is then required before Infuse becomes usable again.

Same here, that happened to me as well today. Sounds like another symptom of the same problem.

Today’s 7.3.8 update has a few improvements and fixes for issues we have seen reported since the release of 7.3.7.

Please give this update a try and let us know if you run into any further issues.

Thanks for your patience.

The 7.3.8 and .9 releases appear to solve my issues. Thanks for the releases!

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The .9 release definitely makes fast forwarding/rewinding usable again (no more infinite spinner requiring a reboot of the Apple TV). But it can still take a bit to continue playing after a fast forward or rewind.

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